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Muslin Blanket - Ocean Tales (Junior)

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Size: 48x78 inches approx
Ages - 2 to 12 years 

Who doesn't love the feel of super-soft muslin against their skin? With so many new mums writing in about how they adore our muslin range for their newborns, we realised it was time to have similar products in a bigger size, catering to your toddlers and preteens. Yes, our latest muslin blanket is ideal for ages 2 to 12.

Have you ever seen a naughty narwhal playing hide and seek with an octopus? Or a newborn whale calf being fussed upon by its protective mother? Both of us at Team Tura Turi simply adore the ocean, and one of us is a certified diver. This blanket has been inspired by her dives in seas across the world ... from the stunning, vibrant corals in the Andaman Sea to the playful fish in the Sea of Koro near Fiji. Nothing can really replicate the enchanted beauty of the ocean, but with this muslin blanket painted in soft pastel watercolour tones, we hope to bring alive some of that magic in your toddler's life. 

 This blanket has been specially conceived of and designed as a watercolour painting with its calm, soothing strokes and translucent colours.