Our Story

Once upon a time... there were two sisters. One was a writer and journalist while the other chose to pursue a career in art, and that's how life may have continued.

But what is a good story without different chapters.

The journalist was soon bringing up a little baby in a foreign country. A little baby boy, who made her ache for her own country a little more. She wanted him to hear all the stories she had heard as a kid. She wanted him to know all the languages and customs of her country.

The only person who could help her was her sister, the artist.
Together they decided to bring alive India through art. Only, art as they saw it, was a more fluid term. They wanted to bring alive often-ignored motifs and art-forms, wanted to play around with indigenous Indian textiles and prints ... they wanted to create a space where stories came alive. 
Each design at Tura Turi has been created by hand, and then printed on to the highest quality fabric. When you shop at Tura Turi, you don't just buy a quilt, you take home a story.

Priyanka & Payal
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