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Deliveries and Covid-19. Click here for latest updates.

Deliveries in the time of Covid-19

Oh My God, We're Back Again.
To every former Backstreet Boy fan, you know where you have heard this before. To those of you who haven't ... huge apologies. We are about 60 days into a lockdown and our brains are processing things very differently right now. One of us is pregnant, and has gone from 2nd to the 3rd trimester without having seen her family. The other is locked down with 2 hyper-energetic little boys, who are eating 15 meals a day and taking very few naps.
Ok, enough rambling now.

Here are the work updates that all of you have been asking about.

1. Have you resumed deliveries yet?

Yes, we have just resumed deliveries.
The first few days have gone by clearing out the backlog of all the orders we received while we were closed.
However, given our limited staff strength and other operational constraints, we will be dispatching orders once every week. This means your order might take 15-18 days to be delivered to you.

2. Can I place my orders on the website like before?
Yes you can. However, as mentioned in point 1, deliveries are slower than before. We are trying to increase the frequency of our dispatches and will review the situation on 1st June.

3. What if I have an urgent requirement?
You can mail us at or write to us on social media and we will try our best to work on your request.
Express deliveries will have an additional cost.

4. Companies like Flipkart and Amazon are delivering much quicker. Why can't you?
We are a tiny Mumbai-based company, which means that -
a). We are in a Red Zone
b). We have very few employees
We are a mommy-led brand that cares immensely about the safety of all our employees. We have restricted everyone's movements and are primarily working from home. This is for our safety, and yours. Every order you place is cleaned, sanitized and then individually packed by us.
On a regular day, that takes time. In lockdown times, with the added cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, etc etc, it takes a LOT of time.

Which is why, each one of you who has chosen to shop with us, and supports local Indie brands, over super efficient big corporates ...we love you!