International Shipping

Great festive rates to ship to your loved ones across the globe.
Note - This is the starting rate. Actual rates will depend on your final order volume. Taxes are included in this rate

If you cannot find your country in this list, please drop us a message or mail us at and we will help you with your order.

Country Rate
(starting from)
USA Rs 700
UK Rs 500
Europe (Zone 1)* Rs 625
Europe (Zone 2)* Rs 715
Europe (Zone 3)* Rs 1600
Australia Rs 900
Canada  Rs 1300
Hong Kong Rs 999
UAE Rs 749
Saudi Arabia Rs 1160
Singapore Rs 1100
Malaysia Rs 1100



Zone 1 - France, Germany, Spain, Portugal
Zone 2 -  Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden
Zone 3 - Switzerland, Norway