Why should I buy a Tura Turi product?
At Tura Turi, we want to keep the magic alive through your child's most formative years. From personal experience, we can vouch for the fact that sensory stimulation at an early age goes a long way in honing a child's creativity, imagination and intellect. The different colours, motifs and stories on each Tura Turi product are a great way to introduce your little one to the diversity and richness of 'India.'

How should I care for my quilts and blankets?

Tura Turi products are made of the highest quality of cotton and cotton muslin / mal. While that makes it ideal for the delicate skin of your baby, the fabric comes with it's own limitations.  We recommend that you wash your products separately in cold water.
Do not mix coloured and white products.
The Malmal collection will get softer with every wash and some colour may start fading with time.

Can you explain your sizes to me? 

Each product in our clothing category has a size chart attached to the page (see pic). Click on the link to see the sizes of that item. If in doubt, please buy a size up.

Picture Quilts:
Our baby quilts are 40x30 inches and ideal for children from 0-2 years of age.
Our large quilts are 84x59 inches and can be used at any age (unless you're more than 7 feet tall :D)

Malmal Blankets:
The Malmal Blankets (baby) are 40x30 inches making it ideal for children from 0-2 years of age. The Malmal Blankets (junior) are 78x48 inches.

I love the Picture Quilt and would love one in my size too. Are these quilts only for children?
No, as already mentioned above, the 'Large' size Picture Quilts can be used at all ages. In fact, you need not use these only as quilts. They look beautiful as a bed spread or even an interactive play-mat for your child.

What are the materials used?

Clothes - Pure Cotton Muslin (unless otherwise specified)
Baby Quilt: 100% Cotton cover (300TC) with Poly-fill (150 GSM)
Large Quilt: 100% Cotton cover (300TC) with Poly-fill (250 GSM)
Malmal Blanket: 100% Cotton Muslin (malmal) cover with cotton flannel filling
Malmal Swaddles: 100% Cotton Muslin (malmal)

I've placed my order on the website. How long will it take for it to be delivered to me?
We start processing your order as soon as you purchase it on your website. Once you place your order, you will receive your Tura Turi item within 7-9 days.

The product I have received does not match my expectations. How can I return it?
Each Tura Turi product has been meticulously designed and created with a lot of love. We are confident you will love it.
However, if you want to return an item, please get in touch with us on piyalenterprises@gmail.com.
Please ensure that the item is returned to us in the original packaging and with all tags intact.
Please read our Returns Policy here

** We do not accept Returns on Muslin Swaddles and Burp Cloths for hygiene reasons.

Can I gift the products to another address?
We offer free shipping across India and will ship your purchase to whatever shipping address you mention.

Do you offer international shipping?
We have recently started international shipping. Please mail us at piyalenterprises@gmail.com for the best rates and to help you with your order.
Please mention 'International Shipping' in your email subject.

Note: International shipping rates apply

I want to place a 'Bulk Order' for return gifts at a party. Can you customize a bulk order?
Yes we offer customization** for bulk orders for events/ parties. Please mail us on piyalenterprises@gmail.com for bulk rates and orders.
** Customization charges calculated separately

My baby refuses to be swaddled. Should I still buy the swaddle cloths? 
Yes, as any new mother would testify, babies are little individuals with their own tastes and preferences. However, our malmal swaddle is not just a swaddle. It is a versatile piece of super soft cloth that can be used for just about anything. The delicate malmal is one of the only fabrics you're going to want to use against a baby's skin.

Tura Turi suggestions: Use your swaddle cloth as a nappy, a cover, a bed sheet, a changing mat, to top & tail (or sponge), as a burp cloth, a soft bib .... you get the drift. Click here for 9 cool ways to use a Muslin swaddle